AlarisPro for Unmanned Aircraft Manufacturers

A comprehensive status of your system in operation

Empower your Team with Detailed Fleet Metrics

AlarisPro empowers unmanned aircraft manufacturers by identifying trends and uses while pinpointing potential problems. Our manufacturing clients use this information to drive design changes and pre-empt widespread system or component issues.

Enhance Client Communication

Improve your customer’s experience by using AlarisPro to relay critical alerts and other information in near-real-time to customers.

Deploy Just in Time Spares Allocation

This powerful data supports “just in time” component stocking and ordering allowing manufacturers to anticipate customer needs and fine-tune production and available stock.

Adjust Maintenance Intervals and Component Times

AlarisPro was designed to provide flexibility in adjusting component times and preventive maintenance intervals as new data is made available. Changes are reflected immediately on your client’s dashboard and reports.

Improve the Experience for your Customer

AlarisPro displays critical information that shows you care about your customer’s experience in the field and when maintaining their aircraft vital to good customer service, client retention, and the highest mission-capable rates.

Save Time and Money

AlarisPro’s comprehensive software suite delivers more time to create, innovate, and grow your business.

Designed to Support Fleets of All Sizes

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Internal Operator Account

Support and Training

Manufacturer Dashboard

Model Reports

Restricted UAS Access

UAS Alerts

AlarisPro Safety Ecosystem™ (ASE™)

Customer Accounts

AlarisPro Verified Manufacturer

OEM Opt-in For Your Customers

Fleetwide Component Metrics

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