AlarisPro Becomes The First Fleet Management Software To Support FAA Documentation Requirements for UAS Type Certification and Part 135 Operations

Release of AlarisPro’s Enterprise Fleet Management Plan Empowers UAS Operators and Manufacturers to Meet The Rigorous FAA Maintenance Documentation Standards


BALTIMORE, MD April 28, 2020 — AlarisPro is proud to announce the release of their newest Enterprise Fleet Management Plan specifically designed to aid UAS Operators and Manufacturers pursuing UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Type Certification and Part 135 Operational approvals. AlarisPro’s SaaS platform is the only product that exceeds the rigorous maintenance documentation requirements set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as part of the Durability and Reliability process, a critical element of the proposed FAA certification basis, and meets or exceeds other international regulators requirements.

Today, the FAA certification office announced the approval of AlarisPro Enterprise Plan customer MissionGO Unmanned Systems’ MG Velos 100 airworthiness criteria as part of MissionGO’s Type Certificate application, a milestone marking the brand’s next big step in pushing the boundaries of Unmanned Aircraft System capabilities. This crucial progress towards Type Certification of the MG Velos 100 manufactured by MissionGO in collaboration with prime supplier Velos Rotors, combined with the meticulous testing, documentation, and real-world proof that will follow, will advance MissionGO to a new level of operations leveraging its signature safety, reliability, and precision.

Type Certification coupled with MissionGO’s expected Production Certificate and Part 135 Certificate will enable MissionGO to fly more conventional routes through airspace, over people, and eventually beyond visual line of sight. AlarisPro is proud to support MissionGO in achieving this monumental milestone in concert with strategic partner (and AlarisPro customer) Velos Rotors, MissionGO’s prime supplier for MG Velos 100 parts. AlarisPro’s core capabilities of managing fleets and tracking operations and maintenance down to the component level enable customers to know with confidence the detailed status of the aircraft and how an aircraft will perform thereby increasing the safety, reliability, and efficiency of every flight. This trifecta of expert UAS partners forms a groundbreaking advantage in the industry

“To meet the FAA’s airworthiness criteria as part of the Type Certification process is an incredible undertaking,” said Thomas Meyer, AlarisPro’s Director of Commercialization. “As a fully integrated solution that keeps track of all aspects of the flight operations during FAA required Durability and Reliability (D&R) testing, AlarisPro is the essential tool to efficiently and accurately collect and analyze all data relevant to D&R testing for Type Certification. The ability to correlate and consolidate pilot information, flight logs and aircraft status down to the component level within one software solution leaves no margin of error and yields almost real-time data generation.” Once the MG Velos 100 is certified and operational, the AlarisPro data will also feed the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness for the aircraft fleet.

About AlarisPro

Designed by military aviators and civilian UAS experts, the AlarisPro SaaS platform equips UAS operators, maintenance professionals, and manufacturers with the critical safety and reliability data needed to manage and optimize their unmanned systems and subsystems. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, AlarisPro is proud to serve hundreds of UAS manufacturers and operators across the globe. Learn more about AlarisPro

About MissionGO

MissionGO is setting a new standard for next-generation transportation logistics. By leveraging unmanned aircraft systems, MissionGO delivers improved reliability, reduced costs, and increased transparency to benefit multiple sectors, including healthcare and utilities. The company is led by CEO/Co-Founder Scott Plank and funded by Scott Plank Ventures Impact Investments. Learn more at

About Velos Rotors

Velos Rotors is the industry-leading manufacturer of unmanned rotorcraft UAS and components, delivering cutting-edge technology to customers around the globe since 2014. As MissionGO’s prime supplier, Velos is providing component parts to MissionGO’s MG Velos 100 aircraft. Velos’ redundant component designs significantly reduce the risk of major failures and optimize performance and reliability. Learn more about Velos Rotors at

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